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An interactive fiction engine

A d20-enhanced Choose Your Own Adventure (CYOA) engine prototype you play in your browser.

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Proton Reader

A free online speculative sci-fi magazine

Proton Reader is a not-for-profit speculative science fiction semiprozine made with ❤️ in northern California. Our mission is to lift emerging voices, perspectives, and expressions in sci-fi & speculative fiction.

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Existence Simulator

A browser-based idle clicker game

Have you ever wondered what it's like to exist? Well wonder no more! With the patented Existence Simulator™, you'll get a feel for what it's like to be alive right now.

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Getting Started with Programming in Rust

A six-part free online book

A beginner-friendly introduction to the Rust programming language where we build a simple markdown-to-html compiler.

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Approaching Lagrange

Indie game soundtracks

A collection of music originally composed for various indie game projects.

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Text Engine for Unity

A GUI tool for the Unity engine

Plug-and-play management and rendering solution for text on the screen.

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Data Science in Higher Education

A statistics & methodology bestseller

A step-by-step introduction to machine learning for institutional researchers using the R statistical programming language.

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More open-source projects

A window into my monotropism over the years

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